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Geodetic survey is that branch of survey that refers to the survey of the earth's surface. Also called geodesy, the branch of earth science makes allowance for the earth's curvature and but gives an accurate framework for smaller-scale surveys.

Geodetic survey involved survey over a very large area. Global Positioning System (GPS) are used in this type of survey. Due to the large distance involved in the measurement, earth’s curvature are taken in consideration when measuring angles and distances.


In addition to using GPS, the techniques of triangulation and trilateration are also used. Controls established in Geodetic Surveyors are frequently called Trig Station and many of them are set up on top of hills of mountains.

This type of survey is seldom done in Singapore because the land area covering the country is rather small (approximately 760 sq km). In bigger countries such as Malaysia, this type of survey will be necessary especially in construction of railway lines or transmission lines which may run hundreds or thousands of kilometer form north to south.

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