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Cadastral Survey

Cadastral surveying is that branch of surveying which is concerned with the survey and demarcation of land for the purpose of defining parcels of land for registration in a land registry.

This type of survey includes subdivision of land and/or buildings, alienation of land, proclamation of land and amalgamation of land. In Singapore, the majority of the population stays in high rise apartments. These apartments are issued strata title whereby the strata boundaries are defined by strata survey.


All Cadastral Surveys in Singapore are carried out using the coordinate system based on a horizontal datum call SVY21.

For strata lots, the boundaries are taken to be the center of wall enclosing the lot. Surveyors survey and prepare Strata Title Certified Plan (STCP) which is lodged with the Chief Surveyor at Singapore Land Authority (SLA) as a legal document defining the boundary of the lot.

For land lots, boundary markers defining the lot boundaries are physically demarcated on site by Surveyors. The Surveyors also prepare Certified Plan (CP) which is lodge with the Chief Surveyor.

Both CPs and CPSTs can be purchased by the public from SLA

Cadastral surveying in Singapore is undertaken exclusively by or under the control of Registered Surveyors.

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